View Full Version : Happy New Year to Everyone Here!

01-01-2013, 06:51 AM
Very prosperous New Year 2013
When the mid-night bell rings tonight...
Let it signify new and better things for you,
let it signify a realization of all things you wish for,
Let it signify a year of courage and believes,
Wishing you a very...very...very prosperous 2013.

01-01-2013, 02:58 PM
My family wishes everyone here a very "Happy New Year" "2013" ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

01-01-2013, 03:53 PM
Happy New Year to you and yours! May it be a very...very...very prosperous 2013 for you as well. Safe travels to those traveling.

The Newell
01-01-2013, 04:57 PM
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Carrol
01-01-2013, 05:04 PM
May every day of the new year glow with good cheer & happiness for everyone and your families.

Happy New Year Fellow Owners,

David Carrol

01-01-2013, 05:09 PM
Happy New Year to all!!

01-01-2013, 06:37 PM
Happy New Years to all of you members and readers alike! Everyone from the site administration to website operations send their best wishes to everyone and hope we can be of great service around here to everyone throughout the 2013 New Year and beyond.

I would also like to extend a Big Thank You to Everyone for being apart of this effort of bringing us all together and making folks feel at home around here. 2012 had its challenges and we hope we can be a positive light to all whom share their love for our wonderful luxury coach lifestyle in this new year of 2013.

BMG Coach
01-01-2013, 07:32 PM
Happy New Year and I look forward to meeting a few of you along our travels.

Randy J
01-01-2013, 10:15 PM
Happy Happy New Year! We are off to celebrate and test our new year luck. :thumbsup:

Leeann and Randy

01-01-2013, 11:50 PM
A very Happy and Prosperous 2013 to all members of this wonderful site. May all your travels be safe and happy. Smell a couple extra roses this year.

01-02-2013, 02:41 AM
May this new year bring many opportunities your way, To explore every joy of life & turning all your dreams into reality & all your efforts into great achievements. Happy 2013!

01-02-2013, 03:47 PM
Wishing you all and your loved ones too - peace, health, happiness and prosperity. Happy New Year! :cheers: