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01-01-2013, 08:11 PM
Prevost Offers 2013 Service School Program

Prevost is offering motorcoach technicians and mechanics the opportunity to attend tuition-free service schools again this year. Courses on the Prevost H-Series and X-Series and Volvo 9700 coaches will be presented throughout North America as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to quality products and exceptional customer service.


Many coach operators make a point of sending personnel to Prevost’s service schools year in and year out. “They’re an invaluable learning opportunity for our mechanics, helping them build credentials in the industry,” said Tommy Rayle Jr., Vice President of Holiday Tours, which serves the southern U.S. from its North Carolina base. Having been a Prevost customer for over 25 years, he’s seen firsthand that “Prevost does a very good job of teaching mechanical people.”

New Hampshire–based C&J—Northern New England’s second largest provider of intercity bus transportation—came to the Prevost fold more recently and is sold on the value of its training. “It’s very beneficial to our company,” noted Dave Mailhot, C&J Director of Fleet Maintenance. “And for one of our new techs who didn’t have a great deal of relevant experience it’s worked out great.”

Prevost Factory Service School for 2013 begins in February in Quebec City, QC. In 2012, 50 people attended the English session in Quebec and more than 30 attended the French session the following week. The 2012 Top Tech award was a Prevost electrical diagnostic kit and Prevost jackets were presented to the top three places. The Quebec school also features a tour of the Prevost factory—where students can preview new developments right on the production line. Overall, Prevost Service Training served more than 500 technicians across North America in 2012.

Prevost’s Field Service team is intimately involved with the service school program. Each class is led by a Regional Service Manager with a second RSM assisting. Classes combine lectures and practical application, with a variety of both new and earlier model- year passenger coaches and conversion shells to work on to ensure that attendees get plenty of hands-on experience.

Registration is now open for 2013 Service Schools

Service schools will be held in 2013 at Prevost service centers:

Quebec City, QC – February 24-28
Ft. Worth, TX – April 8to 11
Nashville, TN – May 20 -23
Mira Loma, CA – September 9-12
Mira Loma, CA – September 16-19
South Plainfield, NJ – October 7-10
Jacksonville, FL – November 18-21

The syllabus consists of eight courses that focus on the Prevost H-Series and X-Series and Volvo 9700 coaches. Four two-day courses cover Prevost electrical systems, HVAC systems, and drive trains, and the Volvo 9700. Four one-day courses are devoted to pneumatic systems, accessories and safety, shell converters, and axles and brakes. Depending on their interest and experience, attendees should select between two and four courses for a total of four days.
With class size limited to a maximum of 12, prospective attendees are urged to sign up well in advance (at least two weeks before the session begins).

Online registration is available at https://www.prevostcar.com/content/training-sign


Questions should be directed to Prevost regional service managers.