View Full Version : Any Tailgators hanging out at Bowl Games 2012/2013?

Texas Pete
01-05-2013, 04:20 PM
Calling all tailgators to share some love of the game. If you have attended or are going to attend any of the bowl games post it here and share. We seen what looked to be a couple of Newell's and a several Prevost Conversion's at the game out in lot 14. We drove in our car and wished we would have brought the coach.

Cowboys showed a packed stadium full with a lot of visiting Sooner fans how bad they wanted to win the Cotton Bowl. It looked like Oklahoma had a chance at halftime but the Cowboys blew them out in the second half. Manziel was amazing!

Cowboys 41 Sooners 13

How about owners of Prevost bus conversions, Wanderlodge owners, Newell owners and other luxury coach owners who love college football and go tailgating.

01-07-2013, 02:19 AM
Pete, that was one heck of a game. I would have went if I was invited.lol! That Johnny Manziel was on fire and showed why he was the Heisman winner didn't he? Great game all in all. I thought Oklahoma had a chance going in at the half and good thing I didn't take a bet with a family member.

I have never tailgated in an RV but would love to try it out sometime.