View Full Version : barrett-jackson hits the road in luxury coach - is it a newell coach?

01-10-2013, 03:02 PM
is this a newell coach? i couldn't find anything more on the barrett-jackson coach. it looks like a newell from the back but the mirrors make me thing its something else? please be nice i'm not a coach owner yet. still learning my coaches and the distinguishes between them. what do you think?:confused: what kind of motorcoach is it?

"Barrett-Jackson team members will arrive in style at numerous events in a custom-wrapped luxury coach, and event attendees can stop by to learn about the latest company offerings" Barrett-Jackson Hits The Road With Grassroots Event Tour | Barrett-Jackson News (http://news.barrett-jackson.com/barrett-jackson-hits-the-road-with-grassroots-event-tour/)


01-10-2013, 11:44 PM
Maxwell, that is definitely a Newell Coach! This is an example of how a wrapped coach that will have trouble staying at RV or Luxury Coach Resorts. This is what they are talking about, because it is advertising.

Of course Barrett-Jackson Auction Company is going to use a Newell, since the company goes way back with the owner of Newell Coach Corporation. We are talking buds here. Craig Jackson and Karl Blade.