View Full Version : Prevost AWARE System Aids Motorhome Safety

01-13-2013, 01:13 AM
Prevost Car Inc. has introduced a new safety feature called AWARE for all motorhome models. According to a press release, AWARE provides Prevost motorhome drivers with several tools to help avoid collisions, including:

Adaptive Cruise When cruise control is on, AWARE automatically adjusts the cruise speed of the vehicle to maintain a safe following distance, taking into consideration the position of the vehicle ahead. The system automatically returns the vehicle to the original cruise speed when it is safe to do so. AWARE will decrease speed to try to maintain adequate distance, utilizing engine throttle reduction, retarder or engine brake application, or service brake application, and if the system realizes that this intervention will not be sufficient, it will activate the Impact Alert to tell the driver to apply full braking.

Impact Alert This feature will alert the driver if the distance between coach and the vehicle ahead closes too quickly, giving the driver an opportunity to take action. Impact Alert is always active and protecting the Prevost vehicle (in cruise or not).

Following Distance Alert Reminds the driver to keep a safe following distance by indicating when the vehicle is following too closely to the vehicle ahead.

Stationary Object Alert Alerts drivers before impact with a metallic object, such as a stalled car in the flow of traffic.
Prevost said that the AWARE system allows drivers to stay in cruise control longer, increasing fuel economy. In addition, the system is integrated into the dashboard, improving driver attention, while the added safety benefits increase passenger and driver satisfaction.

A video illustrating how the AWARE system works is available on the Prevost YouTube Channel at