View Full Version : Luxury Coach Owners How much Do You Budget For Yearly Maintenance Costs?

01-17-2013, 03:59 AM
I'm new here, this seems like a nice forum with a group of nice people. I was wondering how much a year you spend on maintenance for your Luxury Coach? We are thinking of getting a Wanderlodge or Newell Coach and fulltime and want to do a budget to see if we can handle all the expenses of a Class A Motor Coach!

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Sam Jager

01-17-2013, 02:23 PM
Unfortunately there are no pat answers to your question. The two big variables are the condition of the coach when you buy it and how much labor you can contribute. As several others have noted it is wise to set aside 5-10 thousand on top of the purchase price for initial coach improvements.

The way I think about maintenance is as follows: prorate the cost of tires each year based upon a replacement plan that you are comfortable with, check with a tire dealer for approximate prices and plan replacement based on the age of the tires currently on the coach. My tires are fairly lightly loaded and I'm comfortable with maximum life of 9 years, others will use a shorter life. Fluid and filter changes can be planned again on a schedule based on how old they are. I pay $20/gallon (6 gallons needed for my engine) for oil and a similar amount for a filter and then change it myself.

The age and condition of the coach will be the primary determinant of what will need to be dealt with on an on=going basis. As you look at coaches I would focus on the amount of rust on the metal parts and the amount of stiffness or cracking of the rubbery parts. If you are looking at a 2 stroke diesel I've been told to expect the need for an in-frame overhaul at about 250,000 miles (for my 6 cylinder the cost was $5500 and I'm now good for as long as I can possibly use it). It really helps to have someone familiar with the coach and drivetrain give you an assessment. I assumed that based upon being experienced as an aircraft and general farm mechanic that a diesel motorhome would be a cakewalk, it wasn't. I've had to learn a lot to keep up and thanks to this group I've been successful.

So in summary; age and condition of the coach together with DIY or hiring it done will determine your annual maintenance costs.

01-17-2013, 03:59 PM
1. Oil Change once a year
2. Generator Oil Change once a year
3. Waxing once a year, and cleaning materials
4. Winterizing materials if stored for Winter

Doesn't count all the small items you will encounter along the way. Just make sure you always have a small nest egg in case of anything major. Engine or Transmission etc.

It also depends what year model you are looking at.

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David Carrol
01-17-2013, 07:32 PM
To a great degree it depends upon what you are willing and capable of doing yourself. If your paying professionals it's not hard to spend 1-2K per shop trip.

David Carrol

The Newell
01-17-2013, 11:00 PM
One other thing to think about is tires. When those come do it can set you back a few thousand although you only need to worry about tire replacement once every 5-7 years.