View Full Version : RV driver killed when tire blew out.

02-11-2013, 12:38 AM
This should remind us all of how important it is to understand how to handle a tire blow out and to always be alert when operating our large motor coaches.


Article Start Below:

An RV driver killed in a Loop 202 crash in Phoenix

Holt, 36, was ejected from the RV when it slammed into light poles and hit the median, according to Bart Graves, spokesman for the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

A 9-year-old passenger, Hayden Holt, was in serious condition and may require surgery for internal injuries, said Jane Walton of Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Five other passengers suffered non-life-threatening injuries, Graves said.

The RV was traveling west on the Loop 202 near 32nd Street when the front left tire apparently blew out, causing Holt to lose control, Graves said, adding that Holt was ejected after he RV hit the light poles and the median.

Holt was taken to the Maricopa Medical Center where he was pronounced dead, Graves said.


02-11-2013, 02:07 AM
Man, it's terrible to hear about any tragedy but when it's something to do with traveling in an RV that hits home. Be safe friends be safe...

Leeann J
02-13-2013, 07:16 PM
:crying: so sad! RIP!