View Full Version : Medical Insurance When Traveling in Canada

02-11-2013, 04:05 PM
If you are a US citizen and travel in Canada, do you buy medical insurance in case you have some sort of urgent medical needs while in Canada?

If so where, and about what does it cost?

If you don't have insurance coverage in Canada and you need emergency surgery, what do you do and what does it cost.


02-11-2013, 05:52 PM
Amazingly good question and I hope that a member with more knowledge on this topic will respond.

I too am interested in this topic,


The Newell
02-11-2013, 07:14 PM
If you have medicare and traveling through Canada on your way to Alaska here is what is said:

"You’re traveling through Canada without unreasonable delay by the most
direct route between Alaska and another state when a medical emergency occurs,
and the Canadian hospital is closer than the nearest U.S. hospital that can treat
your illness or injury. Medicare determines what qualifies as “without
unreasonable delay” on a case-by-case basis."

Now I'm not sure the rules and regulation is your visiting Canada only, that is something to find out though.