View Full Version : Things to do on the road?

02-15-2013, 12:44 AM
What do you like to do when traveling on the road?

Where do you go?

What do you do for fun?

Leeann J
02-15-2013, 02:29 AM
There are plenty of great sights to see, landmarks or national parks, go gambling at casinos, visit friends and family in route. I know some on here go geocaching, hiking, biking, skiing and more.

02-15-2013, 02:36 AM
Go to a NASCAR event, Concerts, Rodeos, Museums, Festivals, Winery's, and Breweries.

Play some golf, go bird watching, take up photography, or go for walk on the beach.

02-15-2013, 02:58 AM
We enjoy going to winery's, I enjoy landscape photography.
Just got a RZR so plan to do a lot of trail riding. We also like to do some hiking.
Also like to sit and watch the grass growing, especially knowing that I don't have to mow it!

02-15-2013, 03:07 AM
Museums, National Parks, Historic monuments, there is an unbelievable amount of interesting places and items to see in this country. Sometimes driving thru a small town I'll stop and wander into the town hall, every place has a history, it's amazing what you learn about an area just chatting with the local sheriff, town or county clerk. I'm a history buff, I've spent hours wondering thru an old battlefield, old post offices, little museums located in old houses, doesn't take much too interest me.

02-15-2013, 02:06 PM
We hit a lot of Bluegrass Festivals, Old Time Music Festivals and Fiddle Festivals, second i'll stop anywhere there's a trout stream in the vacinity, and love to hit the National Parks. Lots of God's natural beauty in this country, and the Park System is free if you're over 62 and have a senior pass.

02-15-2013, 02:28 PM
Fly fishing, that's one thing I want to take up again. Haven't done any since I was a teenager. Guess I need to read up on licenses, etc.

02-15-2013, 03:36 PM
I've enjoyed motor biking, golf, sailing, and even a tried a little geo-caching. Considering giving up sailing for land yachting.

02-15-2013, 06:01 PM
Research your family tree, Play chess, Watch movies you've never had the chance to see, Read some books, Meditate

02-15-2013, 06:18 PM
Note: RV parks often have fish ponds for fishing, swim a few laps in the swimming pool, relax and kick back in the hot tubs, play a game of pool if they have pool tables. If you're interested some have community gatherings where they get together for potlucks, game nights, church service and other events.

02-15-2013, 07:49 PM
Learn scuba diving or free diving.
Go canoeing
Go kayaking
Go surfing

Cheri Smith
02-15-2013, 07:54 PM
We like to go for walks and fish. Sight seeing comes with traveling so we are always seeing something new or enjoying a road trip adventure.

02-19-2013, 03:13 AM
Gold prospecting, Metal detecting, Scooter riding