View Full Version : 2005 Newell 45 Quad Slide Bath & Half Handicapped Equipped 375K OBO

The Newell
02-17-2013, 07:56 PM
2005 Newell Luxury Coach, 45 Foot Quad Slide Bath and a Half Professionally Handicapped Equipped !!!! Just listed for Sale!!!!


In the past I have spoken with different folks looking to buy a handicapped equipped Newell and at least a couple of folks have asked what it would take to modify an existing coach. Well if any of you are still out there looking, here is a really nice 2005 with the more recent rear restyling. The price seems seems about right. What do you think Ken?

Coach has underbody Braun wheelchair lift that disappears completely when not in use. It has twin Leggett and Platt adjustable beds w/ whole bed vibration as an option (a change to a king or queen is a relatively easy as per factory). Updated electronic to include new BlueRay DVD players, 2 new Directv DVRs, off-air Directv tuner that integrates off-air signal into Directv tuner, Winegard mobile sat receiver, it has a second Winegard slimline 5 receiver to use while parked so the DVRs can be used to their full capacity. It has had TiVo added to use for Park Cable hookups. In October 2012 ( at a cost of over $27000.00 ) the bus went to the factory for a Newell 25000 mile service, I had pretty much everything that needed fixing or updating done at that time including a new set of tires and an optional steering stabilizer added. Unit has 500 HP Detroit Diesel engine and Allison automatic transmission. Genset has 1297 hours total. The coach is presently located at Riverbend Motor Coach Resort in LaBelle Fl for inspection.

2005 Newell 45 Quad Slide Bath & Half Handicapped Equipted in RVs & Campers | eBay Motors
(http://www.luxurycoachlifestyle.com/forum/redirect-to/?redirect=http%3A%2F%2Fcgi.ebay.com%2Febaymotors%2 F2005-Newell-45-Quad-Slide-Bath-Half-Handicapped-Equipted-%2F150998012919%3Fpt%3DRVs_Campers%26hash%3Ditem23 282ed3f7)

(http://www.luxurycoachlifestyle.com/forum/redirect-to/?redirect=http%3A%2F%2Fcgi.ebay.com%2Febaymotors%2 F2005-Newell-45-Quad-Slide-Bath-Half-Handicapped-Equipted-%2F150998012919%3Fpt%3DRVs_Campers%26hash%3Ditem23 282ed3f7)

Randy J
02-17-2013, 09:41 PM
I'm not looking for a handicapped based coach but this one is pretty darn nice for someone that is.

02-17-2013, 09:48 PM
Hey, it even has electric beds that lift!:thumbup:

Jack Fouts
02-17-2013, 10:07 PM
That entry door appears to be a little different and I wonder how much wider it is in comparison from looking at the step below? Anyone know how the handicap lift actually operates?

02-18-2013, 12:08 AM
Joe, the price sounds about right. I'm sure Newell Coach would be asking $575,000, but with a 24 month warranty. It looks like a descent buy. Heck I would throw the P2000i front end on it and then you would really be up to date. Super low miles and low generator hours. This baby might be a great deal. Just had the whammy service done at Newell too!

Ground Control
02-20-2013, 12:26 AM
While out shopping for coaches and out of curiosity we took a peek at a coach that looked just like this one and the seller was asking a couple hundred thousand more.

Sounds like it might be a buy.

04-28-2013, 09:14 PM
I'm a disabled veteran and am looking for a coach with a wheelchair lift. Is your coach still available?


06-27-2013, 11:09 PM
This 2005 Newell Coach is now for sale again on ebay. Starting bid is now 335,000!

2005 Newell 45 Quad Slide Bath w/ Braun Wheel Chair Lift in RVs & Campers | eBay Motors (http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2005-Newell-45-Quad-Slide-Bath-w-Braun-Wheel-Chair-Lift-/151070103906?pt=RVs_Campers&hash=item232c7ad962)

06-28-2013, 01:23 AM
This is a great setup for the right person. :thumbup:

06-28-2013, 03:19 AM
I'm kind of surprised to see this Newell back on the market. I have spoken with the seller on multiple occasion trying to help another member out and I had thought the two had came to terms and put a deal together for about the now asking price. I do know the seller would consider a smaller coach as part trade. I don't want to be quoted on this, but I think he told me he would consider something for 100-150k in trade. Of course he has his coach in a good price range with extremely low miles and gen hours, so don't throw him a over-priced trade. I had emailed Brian Pitts over at Newell trying to locate a coach like this for the guy and Brian sent me pics of the same coach for around 475k and no trade. So, it sounds like a great deal for someone.

06-28-2013, 04:58 PM
Stewart you're right anyone looking for the under body Braun wheelchair lift with twin beds that are adjustable? It really is perfect for the person looking for these options. Ken I agree it's a great deal for someone.

08-25-2014, 12:23 AM
Hi, may be stupid question but is this newell quad 45 handicapped still for sale.

12-25-2014, 07:46 PM
We bought the coach in July 2013, love it.