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03-02-2013, 04:38 AM
I just got my 1978 coach. I'm familiar with power steering on automobiles but not on a detroit (6V92TA). My guess is it is a larger version of the hydrolic power steering system. A reservoir, a pump and a gear box. My question is what type of fluid do I add to the reservoir? Also, does the pump supply any other hydrolic related devices? I can't think of any it would but always room to learn something so...

03-02-2013, 04:51 AM
Use a quality brand of Dextron automatic transmission fluid .

03-02-2013, 01:26 PM
According to the TRW/Ross website (I'm assuming you have the same Ross steering gear my 77 coach has) you can use Dexron, ATF E or A, Shell Rotella SAE 30, or most 10W30, 15-40 and 10W40 engine oils. Prior to overhauling my steering gear I had used Dexron but afterward I used Mobil 1 5W40 and it works just fine. Prior to the overhaul I tried some steering gear additives that basically were just thick oil and that seemed to improve my steering so that became the basis of my subsequent choice. While the Mobil 1 was not specifically approved I believed it would hold up better than dino oil

BMG Coach
03-02-2013, 11:23 PM
Newell says to use Mobil Synthetic ATF or similar.

03-08-2013, 02:47 AM
The following pictures are 1) what I believe is the steering pump reservoir 2) what I believe is the pump. Am I correct? Can anyone tell me about the stuff in the bottom picture?

03-08-2013, 03:02 AM
The bottom picture? Ps pump coupled to the air compressor pump?

03-08-2013, 11:01 AM
The pictures contain a lot of stuff. The stuff includes what I would think are the reservoir and pump. My pump is located on the forward (bus forward) RH side of the engine.

03-08-2013, 11:03 AM
BTW, my reservoir contains a filter that ought to be changed now and then.