View Full Version : Allison 3000/4000 Transmission Operators/Owners Manual. Great Information!

03-05-2013, 10:10 PM
Please find a very valuable manual for those needing to service or understand functionality of there Allison World Transmission. This is for the 3000 MH, MHR, MHP, MHPR and 4000 MH, MHR, MHP, MHPR transmissions. Includes the WTEC III electronic control system.


03-05-2013, 10:38 PM
Something I'll note again for those not familiar with how we host these pdf's for you. If the pdf is not centered when you first load it on this site, you should be able to refresh the page and it will automatically center itself. If it is set to a smaller size than you would like, you can click on the % size at top of the pdf and select your desired magnification. On my computer if it starts out at say 77% and I choose 100%, it will make it much larger and then I can refresh it again and it keeps it at 100% the next time I return to the page for reference. If you increase the magnification really large and depending on your screen or monitor size you may have to use the pdf side bar or lower bar to completely read or view.

Also, you can click on the little arrow at the right of the bookmarks for a larger view of the manual. Play around with it and and you will have a better idea how to read pdf's hosted for free here.

What's great here is that if you don't know, we are hosting all these documents so you don't have to store them yourself and also be able to access them from a tablet or smart phone from anywhere anytime. Hope this helps someone.