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03-07-2013, 02:07 AM
The same uncompromising quality and advanced engineering go into every Newell coach. That’s because, unlike other coaches, Newell features and components are built directly into your coach, not on a bus chassis, and not added as an afterthought. This ensures that your coach is an expression of style, quality and refinement, down to the smallest detail. Options and Customization that Make Your Newell Your Own Even in the construction of your Newell, you have numerous options to choose from to ensure that your coach reflects your needs and preferences. For more information, see Customization (http://newellcoach.com/features/customization/).
The Components: Built in as Your Coach Is Constructed

The components of your Newell are refined, finished and installed by skilled Newell craftsmen as the coach is constructed.
Many of the important details of your coach are determined by your specific floorplan. This includes door and window locations, as well as plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical routing. Even the sizes and locations of your slide-outs are matched to your floorplan.
Component placement and fit are precise. Each key component—such as the electrical system, plumbing, and HVAC—is built in as the chassis and body are fabricated, not added later as they would be in a bus conversion.

The Chassis: Safe, Strong and Stable for You and Your Family

Innovative, welded-steel, bridge-truss construction distributes stresses throughout the coach and across the entire chassis. This allows great design flexibility and makes your Newell safe and strong from the ground up.
The ZF suspension makes your Newell more stable and comfortable and easier to drive than any other coach of its type.
The all-steel, rigid chassis is mated to an aircraft-type aluminum body, so nearly two-thirds of the vehicle’s weight is below the floor. This low center of gravity makes your coach extremely stable and secure.
Each coach includes a specially designed, full-air suspension system; independent front suspension; powerful anti-sway bars; and large air accumulator tanks. These all make your Newell smooth, safe and easy to drive.

The Body: Lightweight and Refined The same aluminum fuselage construction techniques used to build aircraft make the Newell body exceptionally strong yet light in weight.

An aluminum skin is securely attached to extruded aluminum bows with space-age 3M mastics. This produces a smooth, rivet-free finish.
Body panels are secured at each seam by flush, heavy-duty fasteners that meet Newell’s high standards for strength and refinement.
Molded, reinforced, fiber-composite panels are used for the front-end and rear-end caps and in some of the more complex trim forms of the Newell body. These allow for the complex shapes of the Newell’s unique, advanced styling.
The Newell base-coat/clear-coat paint system produces the ultra-smooth, eye-appealing surface you’d expect to see on a fine automobile.

Built for Comfort and Luxury All Year Long Your Newell is built to be warm in winter, cool in summer, and quiet all year long.

The coach walls and ceiling are insulated with 1.5-inch polyurethane foam. Five-eighths-inch plywood is riveted to the interior aluminum wall framing for added strength.
The floor decking is a “sandwich” of wood laminated to a thick layer of rigid foam over steel, which adds to the vehicle’s strength and quiet interior.
All windows are double-paned, insulated, tinted glass, frameless and flush-mounted on the exterior.

Information provided by Construction: Built with You in Mind from the Start - Newell Coach (http://www.newellcoach.com/features/construction/)