View Full Version : Any Offshore Bankers Around Here? Or Do You Prefer .10% APY?

03-20-2013, 01:00 AM
I'm here laughing looking at this great offer from Discover to open an online savings account with a .80% APY vs. the national average of a measly .10%. Are we all just getting a great screwing here in the US or what? I guess we have to wait til the government moves real estate borrowing interest rates back into the teens to get things back up a 4-6% APY.

Currently I have accounts yielding 8-12% offshore. Which makes a whole lot more sense to me. Could you imagine how long I would have to wait to buy another Newell at those measly yields here in the states? :crying:

I still have not got brave enough to try that bitcoin. Don't know if I can swallow electronic money.