View Full Version : Coaches at Motorhomes of TX

04-13-2013, 11:43 PM
Was there yesterday looked at all the Newell's. they had a triple slide 2001 bath and a half.. Full raised roof. Had the air door for exterior but quickee steps .. Never saw that combo before.. Sold for 160k.. Looked at the 95 blue Newell.. SHORT roof like shorter than normal... Bumped my head several times.. I'm 6'2.. Anyone heard of a short Newell. Guys at MOT also said they have has a couple Newell's made after 97 that were less than 45 feet? I had never heard of that. He also said there is a large difference in price between the full length raised roof and the half raised Roof..anyone s comments?

04-14-2013, 12:03 AM
Newell has made a handful of shorter ones on later coaches but not many. They get an order every now and then just like non-slide coaches. The reason I could think someone would want a short Newell is that they were a shorter person and had fear of tipping the tall guy over in the wind. Or maybe they went places with low clearances. That may be a hard animal to sell.

Were they telling you that a full length raised was more or less money than a half raised. Some folks really like the half raised models. I guess you could a Vista Cruiser out of one.lol!