View Full Version : What is a '76 Classic worth with an engine problem?

02-18-2006, 11:12 PM
I do not presently own a Newell but have heard they are a great coach no matter what the year. I am currently eye balling one at a auction that looks real clean with a V555 engine appears not to be running. I am trying to get an idea of its value? If the motor needs major repairs, is it worth putting money into the coach or that particular engine? The coach is located about 1400 miles away from where I am and I recently had my son who lives near the area of the coach go by and check it out, after my sons inspection he stated that he thought it would be a dynamite coach with some cosmetic upgrades and maybe repaint the existing stripes. The coach is full of extras seems to be in overall great condition.

Looking for opinions, please please!


Ground Control
02-19-2006, 07:28 AM
Hi Paul, this sounds like a great project. There are a few options for the coach in reference. The V555 is a little harder to get parts for than the 3208 Cat and the Detroit 6V92. There are still parts available for the V555 or tripple nickel as some people call it. I know two people who have the V555 and they really like it and they both claim about 7-8 mpg which is no different than a new coach with tons of electronics to worry about. The engine is really basic and simple to work on, they usually run exhaust out both sides with the intake on the drivers side. My friend went with a different design air filter housing to save money on replacement filters. I know of another guy who replaced a bad V555 with a V903 which he picked up cheap with low mileage and said it was a very easy swap that gave him at least a 100 hp increase.

Paul I would say by your description that this coach would be a bargain for 14k and could be worth up to 20k and still be a bargain. Anytime you can get your hands on a Newell DP with a bad engine for under 20k and even if you invested 10k into it, you would have an awsome deal on your hands. A classic Newell with a new engine for under 30k is a steal of a deal.

Any addtional questions, please ask!