View Full Version : my experience with the newell front generator air slide latch cable

07-21-2007, 08:15 PM
hi all,

since all I do is ask questions here’s another. my generator air slide latch will not unlatch and therefore won’t allow the generator slide to come out. i've tried everything I can think of with ill luck.

signed....novice geek tom.....i usually figure it out, but might take me a while.

07-22-2007, 01:12 PM
Hi Tom,

1) Get underneath and take the back rectangular panel off the generator compartment. There are 4 nuts to take off and then the back panel. My guess is your cable has somehow become pinched and can’t slide in the casing.

2) There is a T handle that has threads which to unlatch you turn the T handle out. Another option is to make the switch over to a regular choke cable that Newell uses now, cut it to length and install. Keep in mind in order to get the cable to not bind in the future install some spacers where the latch mounts to the slide latch.

3)Let me also advise while you’re at it to take the latch apart and soak them overnight in cleaner and reassemble together with grease so it works smoothly. All in all it should only take a few hours to get the cable adjusted and reinstalled.

4) It would also be a good time to take the generator radiator out and have it boiled cleaned and thermostat replaced, don’t forget to change your hoses, filters & oil etc. Hoses can be pricey around 10 bucks a foot for that 1" silicone heater hose. Remember to recaulk your radiator to the air dam when you put everything back together to seal it up so air hits the fins of the radiator.

Good Luck!