View Full Version : Is Nashville, TN the Prevost Capitol of the World?

06-04-2013, 05:05 PM
Of all the states I have traveled the number of Prevost buses in the Nashville area reminds me of taxi cabs in Las Vegas.lol! Of course I'm exaggerating here a little. But really, are there that many Prevost's out there? Wow, I did see easily over 40 in two days of just rambling through the area and no they were not on sales lots either. I do realize Nashville is an entertainment mecca with so many country and christian singers rooting there.

But all the time in the area we did spot one mid to late nineties mid-raised roof light teal green Newell yesterday June 3rd around 4:40 pm heading east on I-24 in Nashville. Seems like I have seen this coach before and have to think about whose Newell it is? If you're reading this and this is your Newell, be a sport and check in with us.