View Full Version : Newell Wiring

Dennis Wolfe
05-12-2003, 05:26 PM
I own coach #155, a 1987 38 footer.

The front air conditioner is not working and the 110 volt power supply shows only 6 volts at the A/C end. When I connect the A/C to an external 110 volt source the A/C works fine. The front heater on the same circuit is working fine. Checked all of the connections at the circuit breaker end - they are okay. The A/C wire must come off the heater wire at some point since they share breaker #1.

I suspect the connection that joins the A/C wire to the heater wire, but I cannot locate that spot. Can you tell me where this connection is at or where it is likely to be?

05-12-2003, 06:25 PM
The problem could be in any of the three wires: power, neutral, or ground. Consider whether any accessories have been added lately, such as an awning. A screw through a wire can do some bad things. Also, some of the coaches of this and earlier vintages were equipped with switches on the dash to turn the roof A/Cs on and off using relays, typically located in the front overhead cabinet. If you cannot trace the problem easily, we suggest you consider running a new power wire to the A/C, properly protected from a breaker, of course. In fact, the break in the connection could be inside a foam-filled wall, so a new power wire may be the only practical solution.