View Full Version : How about a Blue Bird Retiree!

07-15-2013, 01:52 PM
I'm posting about this once very nice Bluebird that we have taken the engine out of to use as a donor in a classic Newell repower. This coach was super clean underneath for a '97, but then maybe it should have been. What's amazing about some of these burnt birds is how the roof structure is still intact after a pretty much total burn. I have seen over a dozen of similar burns and in all cases the roof structure was still there. In over half of them most everything below the floor was still useable. I have just ran across another with a series 60 engine that will be a donor for another luxury coach.

Here is a closer look picture of this retiree.


For anyone interested in where the engine, trans and some other components have went, just follow this thread and you will find out: http://www.luxurycoachlifestyle.com/forum/major-mechanicals/5547-another-classic-newell-coach-getting-repowered-3.html