View Full Version : Hi Everyone, First timer looking to buy a motorcoach for myself and disabled wife.

08-24-2014, 10:59 PM
We'll I've been looking for months now trying to learn which manufacturer is the best. Very hard to find a handicapped unit done exactly the way we need it. A side lift , a roll in shower, room around the right side of bed and hopefully be able to take my wife to the bathroom without having to extend the slides all the time. That's basically all I need as I do all the cooking. Never owned one before but have rented a 30 footer for a holiday back in 1989. From what I have been reading I think a 45 ft Deisil pusher with tag axle is best. We want to live in 80% of the time and do a lot of travelling. I like a good dependable trouble free unit!! Thanks for any guidance or help:)