View Full Version : 47 foot Newell ~ Headache to Register?

01-14-2015, 12:11 AM
Here's an off the wall question.

We're looking at a very special coach that's been very well maintained. It needs interior updating (lots of brass trim), but that's just a question of taste. It's a 2004 mid-entry, quad Newell #685. Love that they put windows everywhere, and mounted them (curiously) "upside down" so they vent at the top (no screens to stare through).

Our biggest apprehension is the fact that this coach is really 47' long...really. Living in CA (maximum length 45') we're not only concerned about registering and licensing it, but traveling through other states. Obviously, if we choose to add a trailer, we just add fuel to the fire by easily surpassing 65'.

Here's info/pictures California Coach Company (http://www.californiacoachcompany.com/inventorydetail.asp?id=345)

Any suggestions would be appreciated!