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01-15-2015, 05:34 PM
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post (please relocate if not). I have a challenge that I've been unable to overcome and hoping someone in this forum can help...or at least direct me.

The short story is that my wife insists we take a test trip before we spend hundreds of thousands of $$ on purchasing a Newell. Great idea...but really hard to do, I'm finding. Ideally the coach would be a 2006 ~ 2009 model year. We're in Southern CA and were really hoping the coach would be somewhere we could drive to, but open to flying to it if that's the only option. (If in our area, we could double check if our parking will accommodate it, have a number of local destinations, etc.)

We're very flexible on timing on the time of year. The length of time period we're thinking of is as short as three nights/4 days to 9 night/10 days or something in between. I have my CA non-commercial class B license and will be the only one driving it. It would be just my wife and I, with the outside chance one of my college age kids would join us depending on timing. I'd be happy to add the coach to my insurance, or take whatever steps the owner wants to feel comfortable.

Not only do we expect to pay the going rate, but we expect to return it having done everything a typical owner would have done at the end of a trip (fueled, empty holding tank, filled water (if desired), cleaned interior, etc.) as we both want to experience first hand what doing all of this requires on this type of coach. We're hoping this coach would be fully stocked with pots & pans, etc., but we could supply bedding, towels, if needed. We're hoping the coach would have an in-motion dish, and in a perfect world a second pop-up HD dish.

Our goal would be to travel a couple of hundred miles or so, to get the full feeling for the on the road experience, then pull into a full hookup RV park (Like the Motorcoach CC in Indio, or similar). If time permits, we'd also like to boondock somewhere interesting overnight to see how well the coach meets those needs.

We'd appreciate any help or direction! There was one rental company out there with a Newell, but they rent it out to race drivers for months at a time, require a month long rental, or they want their driver to move it (don't get how that's supposed to work).

Any thoughts, ideas?

01-20-2015, 03:20 PM
Perhaps renting a large Class A diesel pusher motorhome from a local dealer for a week would be a good starting point. Rental coaches normally include pots, pans and the essentials. The traveling experience is very similar.

01-20-2015, 09:48 PM
hopefully this helps,

http://gossrv.com/motorhomervrentals_gosscontactm.php?gclid=CPy369zT o8MCFYRFaQodNaMAVA

This company rents luxury motor coaches