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12-04-2000, 07:16 PM
In researching the electrical system our '81 40' coach I
note that the merge switch on the dash is ON-OFF-ON type
rather than ON-OFF. Investigation found a white/orange
wire on the up position contacts and a red/white on the
down position contacts. It was also found there are front
and rear merge solenoids that energize when either ON
position is thrown.

First - Why are there two merge solenoids? Maybe two
separate merge senerios, e.g. house to chassis batteries
when hooked to shore power versus off engine alternator
when running.

Second - What is the correct wiring? According to the
Front Terminal Panel list the White/orange wire is the
Battery Merge and the Red/white wire is the Main Diesel
Tank level.

I wish to compliment all the Newell personnel for a job
well done. My redhead and I bought our '81 coach in '98
after researching the market for about 18 months. We both
were impressed with the quality of the coach and the superb
help of your service, parts, engineering, and office people.

Best Regards

Ki and the 'Redhead'

12-06-2000, 06:14 PM
The Newell battery merge system has been used in its current form for over 25 years. The merge system uses a single solenoid located on the rear panel. BECAUSE A SOLENOID WEAKENS OVER TIME AND USE AND EVENTUALLY FAILS, WE RECOMMEND THAT THE MERGE SOLENOID BE REPLACED ANNUALLY. The single control switch on the dash has three positions. The center position is "off," while both the up or down positions are for merging through the solenoid. In this way, the batteries can be merged by the solenoid powered by either bank of batteries. Otherwise, if the solenoid was powered by only one battery bank, and this was the battery bank that was discharged, the solenoid switch would not close and would not merge the batteries. The wires powering the two sides of the switch are (power from engine batteries) red with a white stripe and (power from house batteries) orange with a black stripe. The single wire to send power from the switch to the solenoid is white with an orange stripe. On a 1981 model, you will probably find the two source wires on the front fuse block in positions 17 and 18, and the wire from the switch to the solenoid on the front terminal board in position 23.