View Full Version : Efficiency

William O. Meyers
09-03-2003, 12:17 AM
Being a Quality Engineer, I'm already convinced of the Quality of the Newell construction (my 1968 is still rolling); but what has Newell done for fuel efficiency?
The aerodynamics could be improved greatly as Kenworth's done; has Newell increased the efficiency of the diesel with Natural gas?

Bob Scott
09-04-2003, 06:20 AM
I too used to wonder how to increase the efficiency of my coach. This was very much a hot subject and would come up from time to time while sitting around a campfire with my friends. Friends who are running some of those fiberglass and foam light weight brand X's. Personally I like the features that I get with a Newell. The things I enjoy about a Newell all weigh something and hauling weight around dose reduce MPG. After looking at the cost of owning and operating a motor home for a year, I have decidided that fuel costs just are not worth worring about. Fuel, if it doubled in cost, is still not one of the major expenses. If I was running an 18 wheeler, fuel cost would be an altogether different matter. A lot of them are running a quarter million miles a year and with that much driving fuel efficency does become an issue. Just one persons opinion for what it's worth.