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07-13-2022, 06:29 PM
We are looking for a lawyer or anyone who has had problems with any Newmar class A RV. We bought our 2020 in July of 2020 and it has been in for different repairs for a total of 11 months. It is in freightlinerís shop right now (2 months) for an overheating problem that they canít resolve. Newmar says we are out of luck because they canít help us. So we are looking for an attorney that is very familiar with these kind of issues. That is dealing with the Magnuson-Moss Warranty act. We purchased this RV in Fredrick Colorado through Transwest.

07-14-2022, 05:01 PM
Here are a few suggestions...

Bypass the corporate service department at Newmar and contact one of their VPs. If they aren't interested in helping let them know the other options you plan to use to get the problems resolved. Include calling executives at Winnebago since they now own Newmar.

Another option is to contact "On your side" departments in television or print media companies.

If you are not getting satisfaction and decide to go the legal route, then check out this post from RVTravel.com

Next, do a Google search for "RV Attorney" or "RV Lemon Law". Here is an example of one law firm: https://rvlemonlaw.com/. Note that I am not affiliated with them in any way.

Good luck in getting your issue(s) resolved!