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Newell Wannabe
02-29-2008, 06:06 AM
I am a newbe here. I have been thinking of buying my first RV at 66 years old. Saw the 89 Newell Coach on ebay.

Do any of you have an opinion on it for a propably first and only RV? Not planning to do a lot of traveling, maybe a few state parks and some bluegrass festivals.

Dick & Bev

02-29-2008, 12:24 PM
- Hi Dick & Bev
and welcome to a wonderful and greatest source of information for Newell Coaches.
- I wanted to link the 89 Newell Coach on e-Bay but it wasn't there.
- Perhaps you could give your e-Bay lead.
- Should find all answers to your queries right here. Many gurus aboard the NewellClassic.com,
they will certainly help you with your finds.
- Take a look at the 'NewellClassic.com Classifieds,' you'll find the link in the upper right corner.
You could perhaps place a 'Free Wanted Ad' for what you're looking for.
- Hope you'll find what you're looking for and travel in a 'Sturdy/Reliable Motorcoach.'
May God Bless
KC ~ 1999q What's this?

Richard and Rhonda
02-29-2008, 01:15 PM
Hi Dick,

Welcome to the forum.

It's hard to provide specific answers to your question about the 89.

Maybe you could tell us a little more about your background, especially with regard to mechanical/electrical hands on experience.

Here is kind of a generic summation of the situation. First of all coaches are built a lot sturdier than the traditional RV. Second, they usually have vary robust systems for chassis, electrical, and plumbing. Third, any coach is going to require maintenance and repair. If you are a hands on guy that likes to tinker, then go for it. If you expect to sign the check, and travel the country with only having to change the oil, you could be in for a surprise. This is not unique to Newell at all. It applies to all motorhomes. They are just that. A house with three interconnected electrical systems, two interconnected water systems, and built on a fairly sophisticated diesel chassis.

Tell us some more about you and what you want to do, and you will get better input.

02-29-2008, 05:41 PM
Welcome Dick. Richard is right on. Tell us a little about your likes/dislikes, mechanical/electric skills and your desire to 'do it yourself'.

Anytime you are looking at any brand of coach that is 20 years old you can bet there will be something broken or about to break. If you enjoy doing some of the work and installations yourself, it can be a joy. If you don't like to get in the thick of it, if can get expensive.

KC's suggestion to search the Classifieds on this site is a good one. If I counted correctly, there are currently an '85, 3-'86's and an '87 listed.

03-05-2008, 04:17 AM
hi dick, have you found anything yet?

all above are spot on. i love to tinker and it has been fun learning about all the things on my coach. i bought it last summer and have learned a ton thanks to several people on this forum.

i am still glad i bought a 18 year old coach rather than a 3-4 year old fiberglass one. i live in mesa arizona and there are probably 1000 motorhomes for sale within ten miles of me, but i looked all over the US before luckily finding one only 400 miles away.

like they all said, these things are great, but will take upkeep on a regular basis. routine and to fix things that are failing.

i have loved the adventure so far.