View Full Version : Potable Water Hose

Captain Newell
06-26-2006, 04:54 AM
I see adverts occasionally, & in stores special hoses that are marked as being for potable water. What difference does it make? Is there something special about this hose's material?

06-26-2006, 03:14 PM
The white hoses are made of materials that will not leach out chemicals into the water passing through them. The typically garden hose does not have this protection. That said, there are many who use regular water hose but I would not recommend it.

09-23-2006, 02:48 PM
Another advantage of using a 'white' hose for drinking water only, is reducing the chance of confusing the drinking hose, with one that was used for other things, such as dumping gray water, or rinsing holding tanks.

I keep both gray and white colored hoses in my coach to reduce the chance of filling my tank with contaminated water.