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04-26-2008, 11:13 AM
I started RVing back in the mid-90's when I bought a 33' Sea Breeze for weekends and vacations. In 2000 I sold house and everything in it and took delivery of a new 2001 double slide Intrigue from Country Coach. That was the beginning of 3 years full time and the beginning of 18 months of never ending problems. The biggest problem was the first 6 months of fuel injector leaks covering the back of the coach and the highway with fuel. I spent numerous nights in Cummins shops or behind their chain link fences in Industrial parts of town from CA to Oklahoma. 2 nights in one shop, back on the road to find it not fixed, stop at the next shop for another day or three, repeat, repeat, repeat. In 2003 I sold that coach, bought a house and my new wife and I are planning on going full or almost full time in 6 or 7 years. I use the RV Consumer Group rating info and am narrowing my coach interests to (obviously) Newell or Foretravel. Prevosts are just too much like bus construction and I don't see me ever putting a 'million miles' on a chassis. That seems to be the bragging point of Prevost owners. When I buy it'll probably be a coach that's 10 years old. I prefer slide. Okay current owners: I'm here for help and to share my own past coach experiences if anyone is interested in what other brands are like. I look forward to meeting some of you at events such as the upcoming FMCA in St. Paul (about 20 minutes from my home). :)

04-26-2008, 04:08 PM
Welcome Gene. I always hate to hear of folks that have had a living nightmare with their coaches, regardless of brand and cost. While all coaches require maintenance and upkeep, unsolvable problems that keep you off the road are unacceptable.

If you are looking for a coach with a slide, you would be looking for a 1997 or later in a Newell and 2000 or later in a Foretravel. By 1998 most of the Newells had slides, typically two slides, although a few were built without slides after that at the customers specific request.

You will find the Foretravels in any comparable year to be significantly less expensive than the Newells. Drive both to help narrow down your choices. I think you will see a noticeable difference in ride and certainly in materials used. I personally like Foretravels and think they are probably the pick of the litter of fiberglass sided coaches. (I suspect you already know that the Newells are aluminum.) One of the deciding factors will be length. There are very few used Newells with slides available that are less than 45 feet (there is one 40 foot double slide and a 44 foot triple slide for sale that I am aware of) while Foretravels are readily available in shorter lengths of 36, 40, and 42 feet (new Foretravels are available in 38-45 foot).

Ask any questions you might have. I will tell you having lived in a Newell for over two years that it is a dependable coach that is well built to handle the rigors of fulltiming.

05-17-2008, 06:49 PM

Our welcome as well. We purchased our first motorhome three years ago. Our decision was based upon a number of factors, such as, resale value, quality, dependability, comfort etc. Pretty much the same factors anyone uses. However, what set the Newell's apart were extras like, 24 hour service assistance by the factory, a group of owners willing to assist others, earlier models have mid-entry which we prefer, the air ride and sturdiness, etc. What has been fun is the questions we get from fellow Class A owners. They range from "What is that" "Are you a Rock Star" "It looks like only a couple of years old" (Ours is a 1992 Newell" With having the time on your side, you and your new bride will find the exact motorhome that will fit your needs. Our first and last choice will be a Newell for years to come.

Safe travels
David and Denise

05-19-2008, 11:43 AM
Welcome Gene. Having been in the RV indistry for over 20 years, there was no doubt, in my mind, what coach I would purchase when I "retired. I have driven my Newell over 200,000 miles and had regrets for my choice. Problems? Yes! (anyone who doesn't accept having problems in a home on wheels shouldn't even consider a purchase) Solutions? Absolutely nobody in the RV industry is better at assisting their owners than Newell! Nobody! In addition, you would alsio have this wonderful site to assist you! As far as Foretravel goes, they recently underwent a change in ownership and have been having some challenges. If you're waiting a few years before making a decision, you'll know if they are still around. Nothing worse then owning something when the manufacturer is gone. Also, you may not be aware that Newell offers a bumper to bumper warrenty on most pre-owned coaches puchased from them. Good luck and Good shopping.

05-19-2008, 11:45 AM
Missed a very important word in previous post. Have had ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS on my choice of Newell. WOW, sorry about that!