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07-06-2006, 02:25 AM
Hi All,

My wife Wyn and I have been full-timing since September 2003. In contemplating retirement my 'Redhead' wanted to travel via RV, I told her you find it we'll buy it. She researched for over a year, we went to RV shows, dealers, etc. We looked at fivers, coaches, and bus conversions alike, and could not find anything in our price range. When we found a unit she liked, I checked the engineering and at 6'-4" walked through the unit. We found nothing that fit, until she found out about older Newells. We flew to Phoenix in '97, and out of all the units there the 'Redhead' fell in love with the Newell that the consignment agent had, and was for sale. As you can guess we bought the '81 Winter Demo right there and then. The 'Redhead' retired in '98, and between overhauls and upgrades, along with 4 years of continuous projects for me, we did not sell our house in the San Francisco bay area and start full-timing until September '03, and we have been Newell hooked ever since. Glad to be on board.

Wyn (Mahoney) and K.H. 'Ki' Punilei