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07-02-2008, 05:46 AM
hi all,

i just bought my wife a new honda crv and we set it up for towing behind our coach. i got the m&g braking system with breakaway. the shop did a really nice job putting it in. i decided to use the roadmaster sterling all terrain tow bar and got the roadmaster tow defender fabric guard to stop rocks from hitting her new car. a little tidbit....to use the tow defender you have to have an exhaust tip that turns down to prevent warping the fabric. my coach has the custom made stainless exhaust tip that newell made. it is about 3 inches high and a foot wide. michael convinced me to not remove it and sent me pictures of a coach he saw that had a turndown made and attached to it. i had a welding shop fabricate a simple angled turndown out of stainless and rivet it to the exhaust. it looks nice and does the trick. i will post pictures of it once i get them taken. very simple.