View Full Version : Inverter Questions about microwave

10-27-2008, 04:56 AM
hi all,

i spent the day saturday rewiring my inverter. i wired it up proper and used 10/2 romex with a 30 amp breaker and wired my microwave into it in addition to my icemaker and AV gear.

i have a xantrex 2kw freedom 458 that was just repaired and checked out good. the repair was for a control problem using the remote.

everything worked first time (good for me since i rewired a bunch of things) with the exception that my sharp r930ak convection microwave (about 3 years old) buzzed and hummed like crazy when microwaving. does not do it on genny or ground power.

i know some microwaves buzz when using a modified sine wave inverter. have any of you had this happen?

i think the solution is to replace my inverter with a pure sine wave one.

any experience from you all on this?