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You must understand that there are as many ways to live in an RV as there are to live in a house. There far more than the two choices that you list. Like most full timers, I have done some of both choices that you list, but spend most of our time doing neither of them.

We also dry camp at times when we travel, parking either in the drive way of friends we know from our travels, or in the parking lot of Wal Mart or some other RV friendly facility. These can hardly be called boondocking since they are usually right in town, but dry camping is a better term since they do not have external facilities. We very rarely do that for more than a day or two.

Yet another choice is the use of "Stoppin Spots" supplied by Escapees. These are facilities that are owned by members of the RV club who enjoy the visiting of other members and often provide water and electricity and occasionally even sewer connections. These spots are free or for a very small donation for the services. We often repay by taking the hosts out for dinner or such.

There are also those who work-camp for pay in commercial parks, others who own a site that has connections for the RV, still others who are members of co-op RV parks where they have long term sites and still others that have commercial memberships to places like Coast to Coast that supply sites. I am sure that there are still other choices that I failed to mention, but this should give you some idea of the diversity of life style among the fulltime RV community. If you are interested in our way of living and considering joining the fulltime RV community, do not limit yourself to the choices that others have made before you! The beauty of RV living is the freedom to live and to travel in any manner that suits you.

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