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Our story is a little different than others. I have owned five motorhomes since 1980. I first looked at a Newell in 1994, but it was just a pipedream at that point. In the late 90s we went to the factory & looked at used coaches but just felt it was more than we needed for how we used our coach at that time. In 2001 we purchased a Country Coach that we owned for 8 years and we drove over 120,000 miles. During the 2000s we went to the factory several times & looked at different coaches that allowed us to know exactly what we wanted in a Newell. As Country Coach went through changes we saw the handwriting on the wall & started looking for "our" Newell. The search took over two years, countless number of coaches and many disappointments. We were looking for a very specifically equipped coach that was somewhat rare for the era of coaches we were looking at. As the coach market tightened & prices dropped we were able to broaden our search to include model years 1998 to 2003. We finally found a 2002 triple slide coach that Suzy really liked(happy wife, happy life). I sold my Country Coach in 5 days & called the owner of the 2002 Newell & he had sold it that day. The only other coach we had seen that we kind of liked was a 1999 that Suzy didn't like because it was green & the interior leather looked orange in the pictures. I convinced her to drive 800 miles to look at the coach in person and if she didn't like it we would walk away. As soon as we opened the door & saw that the leather was brown & not orange we loved it. Suzy also loves the firefrost green on the exterior. Although a long journey to ownership, it was love at first sight! Seeing a Newell in person is the only way as pictures never does them justice.

Hope my experience helps someone else in their decision...........................
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